Considering Divorce? Here’s the #1 Thing to Do Before Anything Else.

 Carl Roberts
January 21, 2021

Considering Divorce?
Here’s the #1 Thing to Do Before Anything Else.

Carl Roberts

One of my favorite sayings about life is … “It’s 10% what happens, and 90% in how you deal with it.”  Or, “Attitude is everything, pick a good one.”  Divorce is no different.  

Divorce happens to good people every day. But have you ever stopped to think about why some are easy and others are horrific? If we take a step back, so much of it boils down to attitude and mindset.

# 1 Piece of Advice:
The number one piece of advice divorce professionals will give you is this: Keep your emotions in check. 

Yes – it is absolutely an emotional time for most, but losing control of your emotions will likely hurt you, and can be costly.  No matter the circumstance, you will be infinitely better served if you’re able to prioritize a rational response instead of an emotional reply. Just being aware of these response types is a step in the right direction.

Mindset can mean different things for different people. In divorce, being mindful of yourself and of the other, being respectful and being fair and reasonable – these can all have huge gains.  By having a healthy mindset, even if the other doesn’t, you too can have a healthy, low-cost divorce.  Granted, separating the emotion out of divorce is sometimes easier said than done.  

That’s where organization can help.

#1 Most Important Action To Take:

If your divorce will include property division and/or children, before you do anything, get organized. Getting organized will bring you knowledge, a feeling of control about your marital estate, and a sense of calm.

Organization shines a light on the unknown. With the fact-based knowledge organization brings, you can make a plan. You can make rational, well-informed decisions.  And along the way? You will find calm in doing so.  

When you are calm, keeping emotions in check naturally becomes easier.

Whether you are early in the “just thinking about it” stage or are ready to start the process, we at SplitSmart have got you covered. 

You can get organized with today. We help you achieve the calm you need during this time of transition. To get a free starter tool and special Divorceify discount code, please visit 

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