Help Your Kids Transition to Two Homes

 Sara Olsher
January 11, 2021

Help Your Kids Transition to Two Homes.

Sara Olsher


Sara Olsher, CEO of Mighty + Bright, wanted a way to help her toddler cope with the transition to two households — so she created one! In today’s blog post Sara shares her own experience getting divorced, the inspiration behind Mighty + Bright’s custody calendar for kids.

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My daughter wasn’t even two years old when I decided to end my almost five-year marriage. The number of transitions we were facing gave her a crippling amount of anxiety, and I felt terribly guilty and sad — and lost as to how to help her. 

About six months post-divorce, I decided to reach out to a clinical psychologist for help. As it turns out, this post-separation anxiety is incredibly common for kids, and it manifests in a variety of different ways. Some kids show fear, some have tantrums or angry outbursts, and some withdraw. 

The single most important tool I took away from the child psychologist was the idea of a visual co-parenting calendar, which shows kids when they’ll see each parent. As soon as we got home from our therapy appointment, I made one using hand-drawn magnets so my daughter could actually see when she would see her dad next.

Kids — even little toddlers — understand a lot more than we give them credit for, and they learn in different ways than adults do. Having something tangible and visual can be the difference between understanding their lives and feeling lost, confused, and scared.

From that first custody calendar, I created a business called Mighty + Bright, which is based on the idea that when you show kids what to expect, you massively reduce their stress. Using kids’ books and complementary visual calendars, Mighty + Bright helps kids make sense out of really difficult life experiences like divorce. The book explains the concept and how it will affect the child’s life, and the calendar serves as an ongoing reminder that they’re safe and cared for.

Eight years later, my daughter is thriving, and I love getting emails from families who are using and loving the co-parenting calendar. Kids love the bright, fun illustrations, and parents love the difference they see in their kids’ stress levels.

As a survivor of both a horrible divorce and cancer, I truly believe that our darkest times are an opportunity to show our kids how to handle life’s hardest stuff head-on, with grace. We humans are resilient, and with the right tools, we can raise resilient kids who have the confidence to handle life’s hardest trials.

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