Curious About A Divorce Coach? (Part 1)

 Shannon McGorry
October 14, 2020

Curious About A Divorce Coach?
The Value. The Opportunity. The Investment…IN YOU.


As an individual navigating divorce – How can a divorce coach help you bring your A game (at a time when you don’t quite have it).  This is PART 1 of a 2 part series.

We know the value of eating healthy, working out, learning, and socializing – we want to take care of our minds and bodies. We understand the VALUE of what we are doing and investing in…we want to bring our A game.  

So what is the value of having a divorce coach? In simple terms, it can help you bring your A game to the table despite the overwhelm, the fear, the emotions, and the chaos that comes with divorce.

If you’ve never had the experience of coaching it might be difficult to understand the value, so let’s break it down. What is the value and the opportunity of having a divorce coach at this critical crossroads you are facing?

These are four real impacts a client recently explained to me that she experienced because of our coaching work. 

As you read these, think about how things would be different if you could experience some of the same in your life? 

Help navigating the ever-changing emotions, choices, and decisions 

What would it feel like to have a neutral professional as your accountability partner to help you navigate the various pieces and chapters of this process called divorce? There are a lot of voices and opinions, and sometimes what we need most is the opportunity to harness our own power, to listen to ourselves, and to make the decisions that serve us and our lives the best.  

Personal and professional clarity and success 

As you navigate the reality of this divorce it is critical that you are confident, well informed and educated, and that you have clarity about your desired outcome. You are making the decisions now that will affect the reality of your future. 

Accountability in building a post-divorce life that you’ve dreamed of

Time and space set aside FOR YOU to move your life forward, to discuss what’s next, to get your head around the decisions you need to make and the actions you need to take not only surrounding the divorce to do’s but also in planning the next chapter of your life.

Savings (better prep for your attorney EQUALS less billable hours)

The opportunity to get CLEAR on what you want the outcome of the divorce to be, so that you are emotionally and intellectually prepared to meet with your legal team, to focus on their area of expertise which is the law, and to move the legal process forward saving you time and money.

You have an opportunity to experience the value of coaching and the benefits in your life. You can show up fully supported for your divorce; with a coach as part of your team to help you deal with the emotions, gain clarity, and provide accountability as you make decisions, engage in interactions, and deal with these unfolding.

The way in which you show up for this divorce determines the reality of your next chapter. What would it feel like for you to have the support of a coach? Many coaches offer a free consultation so you can get to know the person who will be helping you navigate this deeply personal part of your life. Reaching out today can greatly affect your tomorrow.  

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