Four Tips To Finding the Right Realtor During A Divorce

 DeDe Hallerman
September 21, 2020

Four Tips To Finding the Right Realtor During A Divorce.

Dede Hallerman

Many different professionals are involved in the divorce process. It is essential to choose the right team to ease some of the challenges individuals may be facing during this time.

One family could have complex financial concerns, while another could be dealing with issues related to their children. Trusted professionals should acknowledge that it takes a village to navigate one of the most challenging transitions of a person’s life. One resource that should not be overlooked is choosing the right real estate agent when selling or buying a home during a divorce. When a couple needs to divide their property and possibly sell their home, the process can become extremely challenging. But the right realtor can help people tackle emotional and financial strain to reduce stress during this difficult period. 

Here are some tips on how to choose the right real estate agent during a divorce:


Selling a home during or after a divorce is often an extremely emotional event. It is important to choose a realtor who is empathetic about the situation but remains clear that this is a business transaction. Couples who treat the sales process too personally may have clouded judgment and make poor choices. It is especially important for the realtor to have a specific skill set, as selling a home amid divorce may involve client conflict. These skills can contribute to a professional connection that helps all parties feel comfortable. The realtor should also possess specific problem-solving skills to alleviate additional stress for their clients. Sometimes creative solutions are needed throughout the sales process, which is why it is so important that the couple trust their realtor.


A good realtor will anticipate a certain degree of tension between divorced clients when selling the home. It is imperative that the realtor keep in mind that the divorced sellers are the same people who once bought and lived in their home as a couple. By selecting a realtor who interacts respectfully with both parties (no matter the circumstance), clients can trust that the realtor should be understanding of the possible underlying causes of clients’ reactions.


Besides having a strong skill set, the right realtor will also strive to keep things neutral during the transaction process; all parties should correspond via email. That way all comments, questions, and concerns will be documented in writing, and everyone can stay on the same page.

Respect and Privacy

It is important that the realtor does not advertise why their clients are selling or buying a home; in other words, the realtor should not disclose that the couple is divorcing. No client wants to be perceived as a “distressed seller” or “desperate buyer.” When a realtor is working with a recently divorced client, the realtor should assure the client that their finances and other “insider information” will never be openly discussed outside the confines of the realtor–client relationship. Anything the agent can do to minimize clients’ personal disclosure will be helpful. The right realtor will have these positive attributes to help their clients feel comfortable. When buying or selling a home during or after divorce, clients should feel confident they are in the right hands with a skilled professional to assist during one of the largest financial and emotional transactions of their lives.

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