Finding Confidence After Heartbreak An Interview with Masha Titova, CEO and Founder of TITOV

 Masha Titova
February 18, 2020

Finding Confidence After Heartbreak

An Interview with Masha Titova, CEO and Founder of TITOV

Masha Titova

Masha Titova launched her own lingerie line after working in apparel manufacturing for Los Angeles-based brands like BCBGMAXAZRIA and Kanye West’s Yeezy line. Masha found herself unsatisfied with the underwear and bra options on the market, so last June she moved to Boston and launched TITOV, a sexy line of bras and underwear designed for the modern woman. 

While Masha herself is 26, the beautiful lingerie she designs is made with women over age 45 in mind. TITOV has recently been featured in the Boston Globe, in the subscription box the UnderClub, and she held a Valentine’s Day pop-up shop with Rebecca Minkoff in NYC.

We are thrilled to launch a giveaway with TITOV. The winner will receive a Marie bra (a $95 retail value) in their size (33 sizes available!). Visit our Instagram profile @Divorceify for details on how to participate in this giveaway — a winner will be announced via Instagram on February 24th.

Titov Bra

Hi Masha, tell our readers a little bit about yourself: 

I live in and work in Boston and while I am currently single with no children, I have a fabulous cat named Pumpkin. I am the most relaxed when snowboarding on off-piste trails and I used to play on a professional billiards team.

Why did you start TITOV? 

Three years ago I noticed a rash spread around my chest; it got so bad that I had to take my bra off. I realized the materials on my bra had led to a severe irritation. Following this incident, I spent many hours researching the art of making the perfect bra. TITOV was my solution to uncomfortable bras offered in hard to find sizes. Since our launch in 2019, the most satisfying part of this process is empowering women to stand up with more confidence, because she’s not pulling at her bra any more.

When you’re creating lingerie for TITOV what inspires you?   

I have a huge soft spot for anything Art Deco, I love the architecture of that era and I try to pull elements into my designs, such as gold hardware, color palette and geometric shapes. 

Have you ever been through a bad breakup? What helped you recover? 

Who hasn’t! Of course I have gone through rough breakups, and it’s always a learning curve. I try to look at it as an experience that I can grow from, and to not make the same mistakes again. Having this mindset really helps me handle the situation. Friends are another key element in any breakup. It makes me feel better, knowing I still have an entire group of people that will always be there for me.

What makes you feel confident?  

For me confidence is a mental state, it is something that has evolved through my life. With every passing year I have more practice training myself to stop listening to other people, especially if the comments are negative. Moments I am in control and feel like no one can bring me down, that’s  when I feel the most confident. If I feel like I need an extra boost, I always wear my prettiest lingerie underneath my outfit and throw on a dark lipstick.

What’s your favorite form of self-care?  

My absolute favorite form of self-care is a hot bath. I’m always afraid I will drop my phone in the tub, so it’s that rare moment where I can unplug and let my body and mind take a proper break. 

Don’t forget to head over to our Instagram profile @Divorceify to enter our giveaway contest with TITOV. Entries are open until February 24th!

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