Divorce and Real Estate Division: Customizing the Real Estate Process for Each Client, An Interview with Real Estate Professional, Justin DiGiulio

 Sonia Queralt
January 9, 2019

Divorce and Real Estate Division: Customizing the Real Estate Process for Each Client, An Interview with Real Estate Professional, Justin DiGiulio

Justin DiGiulio

Justin DiGiulio is the owner and principal broker of DiGiulio Group Real Estate based out of New York City. Justin manages a diverse team of agents with international roots that bring in clientele from around the world.  He brings decades of experience, empathy and a true understanding of getting his clients exactly what they are looking for when it comes to helping them find their new home.  

Justin was interviewed by Divorceify Co-founder, Sonia Queralt.

Sonia Queralt: Tell us a little bit about your work as a real estate broker and how your particular firm, DiGuilio Group Real Estate, works with clients.

Justin DiGiulio: I’ve been working in real estate for nine years, predominantly in Manhattan. I work with all types of people, all different budgets. What I do varies from inexpensive rental clients to high-end commercial and sales clients.  I have developed an extensive network throughout the years and I have access to a lot of resources. I started out with a very small team and now have a team of about 85 realtors who speak about 16 different languages between all of us. When I am working with a client if they need specialized attention on something that I’m not great at, I work with somebody on the team who has the experience and resources to address that particular client’s needs.  I really believe in customizing the real estate experience to each Houseindividual client.

Queralt: What do you consider when matching a client to the right team of real estate professionals?

DiGiulio: Typically I like to sit down and meet with somebody for ten or fifteen minutes and really find out what their needs are and what they are looking for.  For most people, real estate is their biggest purchase and/or their biggest asset – so it is an overwhelming and intimidating process for them. Many clients are looking for something specific and are having trouble finding what they are looking for. I try to get inside my client’s head and understand what they’re looking for and see if it exists, so I can bring them directly there. But a lot of times what the client is specifically looking for isn’t on the market and so my job is to find an alternative that is going to work, or helping the client come up with another plan.

Queralt: What sets you apart from all of the other brokers out there?

DiGiulio: I listen to people and really understand what they are looking for. It’s a tricky market, where I work, so it’s not just a matter of being able to deliver exactly what is requested. A lot of time what’s out there doesn’t reflect what the client wants, so I have to look in other places.  The market knowledge that I have really helps me provide unexpected solutions to clients — they may end up being happier than they thought that they could be in their next chapter.

Queralt: How did you come to interact with clients going through the divorce process?

DiGiulio: I’ve worked with many divorced and divorcing clients and typically they’re looking for something very quickly because everybody wants their own space. We have to work around the mechanics of the current shared space.

Queralt: What are some of the common obstacles divorce clients face when dealing with real estate division?

Magnifying glass with houseDiGiulio: Credit is a big one. I have some corporate sponsors and corporate guarantors that typically, for a fee, will guarantee a lease. That’s very helpful for my clients who are going through a divorce. As the broker, it is my responsibility to line up the things that need to happen in order for anything to happen at all.

Queralt: What do you find to be the most satisfying thing about working with divorce clients?

DiGiulio: I think when all is said and done, people feel very relieved. Throughout a divorce, space can be a very big issue. Having your separate space is really, really important, and I find people are spending a lot of money on temporary spaces during divorce. Once somebody has a space of their own that’s priced within their budget, and it’s a longer-term solution, there is a sense of relief.

Queralt: Why are you interested in working with Divorceify?

DiGiulio: What I love about the Divorceify platform is that it’s not a one size fits all product. Everybody has personal needs and  divorce and real estate division is a very personal topic – you really have to tap into each person’s needs and support them accordingly. From what I have seen, there is nothing out there that is as specific to divorce as what Divorceify offers.

Justin DiGiulio is a Divorceify professional. You can view his profile here, or browse to find a real estate broker in your state.

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